We use targeted marketing programs
to drive awareness and interest in
your company’s offerings.

E-mail Marketing

We are delighted to set up your targeted e-mail campaigns, so you are sure you’re sending the right message to the right person within the organization and obtain superior results with minimal effort. Increase your marketing ROI with Computer Profile.


We use an integrated approach where lead generation, qualification and nurturing are seamlessly combined to get the best results on your outbound marketing efforts. Our highly qualified agents will ensure the highest return.

Account based marketing

Account Based Marketing is a smart way to target individual prospects and large accounts, with a Return on Investment which is significantly higher than traditional business marketing activities. Computer Profile supports IT and Telecom companies in driving Account Based Marketing through the Sales Excellence program.

White Space Analyses

Learn what you don’t know. Our consultants are able to give you insights into your white space: eliminate any blind spots in your target group and explore the full potential in your market.

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