European Database Marketing

14 countries

Through the European Market Intelligence Group (EMIG), our European database offers direct access to your target audience in 14 countries. EMIG has more than 20 years of knowledge and expertise in supplying data to the IT-industry, and conducts ongoing extensive research within the important European Union member states as well as countries outside the EU.

180,000+ companies and 900,000 DMU contacts

We have charted more than 180.000 sites of companies relevant to the technology industry, with 50+ employees. This historicized database gives access to 900.000 Decision Makers, including personal, role and contact information as well as current projects.

Uniform structured database

We offer direct access to your European target audience, according to the standards of Computer Profile. Our European collaboration guarantees optimal data quality, in content as well as in the structure and accessibility of the data. This is your guarantee for targeted and effective campaigns, with one streamlined approach across Europe.