Artikelen door Pierre Mercier

What’s the cost of a lead ?

The advantage of outsourcing lead generation is that the calculation of the costs per lead is not very difficult. Basically you sum up all the costs linked to your campaign and you divide this by the number of leads. We can discuss the definition of a lead, but the best methodology is to consider only […]

Get rid of your salesreps?

In April 1997, I spent my Easter holiday on the Red Sea and I met a Project Manager working for Informix in France. In January 1997, Informix threw an amazing party to celebrate the historical results of last quarter of 1996 and spend money as much as it was possible during these days.

Big Data @ Computer Profile

Have you realized that you cannot open a magazine without reading about Big Data’s new possibilities? Big Data is possible thanks to the combination of 3 factors: cheaper storage platforms, more powerful software and the fact that everything now has a digital signature (GSM, Credit Card, Internet Access, GPS, Loyalty Cards…).

Cruel temptation!

I do not want to assault any supplier but I am always surprised when I receive an offer from one of our existing suppliers. Every other week, I receive an offer by mail or by email from an existing supplier. Sometimes it is on purpose because they want to upgrade me, but most of the […]

Under pressure!

Every supplier today is under pressure for prices and most of RFP insist on choices made on best prices. In our business, it is about price per address and price per agent per day or per hour. With the increasing power of procurement, in our very niche business, our customers are forced to ask around […]

Who is visiting my website?

I am surprised to see more and more companies claiming they are able to identify who is visiting your website. I hope some of them are going to read my blog and will react! Many Marketeers are convinced that through your IP address you can identify who is on your website. I am not an […]

Duncan Harrison’s Winning Speech

Een Brits programma, `The Speaker’, is op zoek naar de beste jonge spreker. In deze video ziet u de winnende voordracht, die van een jongen van 14 jaar(!) en aangezien de overtuiging, de klaarheid, de voorbeelden en het enthousiasme van zijn speech, zult u snel begrijpen waarom hij de winnaar was! Posted by Pierre Mercier […]

Prospection is a marathon

Dit artikel is een mooi voorbeeld om te laten zien dat een succesvolle leadgeneratiecampagne meer is dan het inhuren van een medewerker om te bellen.