Under pressure!

Every supplier today is under pressure for prices and most of RFP insist on choices made on best prices. In our business, it is about price per address and price per agent per day or per hour. With the increasing power of procurement, in our very niche business, our customers are forced to ask around […]

Turning data into business: have you succeeded?

We are buried with information via newspapers, radio, television, LinkedIn and the telephone, just to mention a few. This can range from informative to light-hearted and we store it in our memory, share it intensively with others, or bookmark it in one of many of our lists of favorites. After all, you never know when […]

A qualitative database is a Telephone Directory 2.0, and more! – ENG

An increasing number of organizations and businesses are recognizing the value of comprehensive, up-to-date information about (potential) customers and the market they operate in. They are realizing that this extensive know-how is helping them to work in a more calculated and therefore much more efficient manner.

Who is visiting my website?

I am surprised to see more and more companies claiming they are able to identify who is visiting your website. I hope some of them are going to read my blog and will react! Many Marketeers are convinced that through your IP address you can identify who is on your website. I am not an […]

Time for data cleansing or CRM Integration?

Recently during a dinner, I started a conversation with my table neighbor. She was in the Marketing department of an ex-customer of Computer Profile. After a few minutes, we exchanged our business cards. She knew Computer Profile, but was not sure exactly what we are doing.