Who is visiting my website?

I am surprised to see more and more companies claiming they are able to identify who is visiting your website. I hope some of them are going to read my blog and will react! Many Marketeers are convinced that through your IP address you can identify who is on your website. I am not an IT guy but I checked with specialists and it is clearly impossible except if you clearly fill in your name during the visit.

First of all, more and more visitors, even in B-to-B, are browsing from home or from their mobile device. I think I recently read that this is around 30% of the visitors! No chance to know who they are because most of the time it is a dynamic IP address. If you browse from your office, your IP address may reveal the name of your company. You know that someone from IBM or HP visited your website, but we are still very far from a personal identification. It is interesting information but never more precise than that.

So, how is it possible that some smart guys are able to give you the name of the visitor? Here is the answer: by modelling! They have access to a database such as Dun&Bradstreet or another one and they guess that the CFO will visit a financial website, the CMO a marketing website ,… Give me a crystal bowl and I will predict your future!

It is true that in some cases it is possible to identify a personal IP address, but very often you need a judge to get your hands on it. Do not forget that data privacy is becoming more and more strict about cookies and visitors tracing. Don’t believe everything you see. By the way, why do you want to manipulate your audience? Just build your website with good navigation and interesting content and when your visitor would like more information, he will ask for it!