Telemarketing in IT, wel of niet outsourcen?

Does customer acquisition play an important role in your company, but is there limited capacity in the sales department? Then the idea to outsource telemarketing will already have surfaced. Perhaps you have spoken with such agencies or have even already worked with them, but what precisely should organisations look out for when outsourcing? The following checklist will help you make the right choice.

Knowledge is key

When organisations outsource their telemarketing, they want the quality to remain the same, if not become even better. To achieve this, knowledge is required. Knowledge of the market and knowledge of the product. It is therefore essential than an external agency offers this often specialist IT knowledge. Only then can telemarketers collect all the information from prospects and are they able to answer questions correctly. The lead generation agency must act as a partner. See the telemarketers as employees who work at another location.

When organisations think than an external agency is a good addition to their further business business, they ask the next question. Because which lead generation agency is the right party?

  • Look at the entire range offered by the supplier. Does it fit your aspirations and needs?
  • Does the agency have demonstrable experience in calling in the markets that are relevant for you? If customers have to be informed about security solutions, tablets or the use of the Cloud, for example, then it is essential that the external professionals are familiar with the products and the associated jargon.
  •  Is it possible to visit the external agency’s office and get to know the team? A face-to-face chat helps you make the right decision.
  •  Is the pricing transparent? In this way you avoid surprises.
  •  What database is used? Does this come from an independent data supplier or is it compiled on the basis of other campaigns conducted by the agency? This shows whether the database is independent and complete.
  •  Is the agency able to nurture your target group in a closed loop and record these data structurally? It is important to record all customer data and the customer journey.
  •  How are the results of the campaign reported? Do you have a daily transparent insight into the collected information and leads? Clear, frequent reporting increases the involvement in telemarketing.
  • After the campaign, are the results available digitally and can they be integrated into your own CRM system? It is important that the CRM system is continuously enriched with campaign results. This makes it possible to respond to these data.
  •  Are the objectives and expectations of the campaign clear? Ensure good alignment between marketing, sales and any business partners.
  •  Begin the collaboration with a pilot. This creates the opportunity to evaluate in the interim and make any adjustments, and you can check whether the agency meets your expectations.

With this checklist, organisations can separate the wheat from the chaff and choose the lead generation agency that best suits their aspirations and needs. However, make sure the external party speaks the language of your company. It is precisely in the complex world of IT that possession of specific knowledge and skill is essential. Only then can you profit from the collaboration. Good luck making your choice!