How to be more efficient in prospection in B-to-B Call-Centers

I am more and more involved in call-center efficiency. Apart from the fact that all the agents or inside sales are complaining about the quality of the data, I have detected another weakness in their process.Most of the time, call centers are running on excel sheets provided by different sources. When a lead is identified, it goes normally into a CRM in order to measure the results and start some sales process.
This process exists in many cases and this is the main KPI for the call center: “Quantity of leads generated for the salesforce.” It works more or less.

Let’s assume that 5% of the initial list will become a lead and will go into the CRM.
The problem is that the majority of calls have generated an interview showing no interest short and mid-term. Let’s assume maybe 70%. What happens with these interviews ? Most of the time, if not always, they are going back to a central bucket for next campaigns. Do you see the vicious circle ?

Please stop calling always the same companies not in need for your offer.
Computer Profile helps to improve data and also process to avoid to call several times the same company. Let me know if you have also seen such a vicious circle in your organization…