Cruel temptation!

I do not want to assault any supplier but I am always surprised when I receive an offer from one of our existing suppliers. Every other week, I receive an offer by mail or by email from an existing supplier. Sometimes it is on purpose because they want to upgrade me, but most of the time I feel that I should not be in this list! Did we not learn during our marketing lessons that we have to filter our target before any direct marketing campaign?

First you filter the existing customers because you might have a personalized message for them. Then you also might take out your very hot prospects that you hope to close in the next days because this message can create confusion and delay the sales process. Last but not least you should avoid contacting your competitors.

Even though many companies spend a lot of money on their CRM, it seems it is more and more difficult to execute such a filtering process. Why? My opinion is that nobody really cares for it. I guess manipulating data, checking quality, matching records, duplicating fields and looking into samples is not sexy and not fun. And that is true, but I think it is part of the job and someone has to do it.

So, please stop sending me interesting promotional offers when I am already a customer. Because one day I will stop my existing subscription just to profit from a new one and receive 3 months for free and a nice calculator or pencil. And I will do it again and again… Please stop this cruel temptation and filter your list!