Big Data @ Computer Profile

Have you realized that you cannot open a magazine without reading about Big Data’s new possibilities? Big Data is possible thanks to the combination of 3 factors: cheaper storage platforms, more powerful software and the fact that everything now has a digital signature (GSM, Credit Card, Internet Access, GPS, Loyalty Cards…).

The Big Data challenge is to help you discover what you do not know. Big Data solutions will help you reveal trends, facts and correlations that you never thought of before. Computers help you to treat volumes that you did not have the time and resources for to analyze in the past. Thanks to this, we finally hope to have more intelligence to make better decisions.

I think the main step to understand the potential value in Big Data is to admit that you can learn from what you do not know. It is a big step and I understand it is not easy.

I use the same parallel approach for our market. Through Computer Profile and our joint venture EMIG (European Market Intelligence Group) I have the chance to access our entire European database through SAP Web Intelligence technology. It is not easy to explain and maybe very arrogant to say, but now I know things that you do not know! I do not know what exactly – maybe we need to match our data to find out – but I am sure that I know things that you do not know. I am also convinced that this information has value for you and I will call it: Marketing Intelligence.

In a world where you only want to pay per result and there is a permanent budget cut, we would like to give you more insights, more connections, more services to challenge your internal info and deliver you more ‘Intelligence’ in your organization. Our information is an investment for turning data into business.