A qualitative database is a Telephone Directory 2.0, and more! – ENG

An increasing number of organizations and businesses are recognizing the value of comprehensive, up-to-date information about (potential) customers and the market they operate in. They are realizing that this extensive know-how is helping them to work in a more calculated and therefore much more efficient manner. To this end, a great deal of effort has been put into creating a more effective and complete database which is now taking shape. Things are just reaching an exciting stage: What we might consider ‘complete’ at the moment, can soon become outdated.

Up-to-date data

Do you ever stop to think what’s changed at your place of work over the last year? How many colleagues have left and how many more have you welcomed? Has your department been reorganized or have any far-reaching measures been implemented? If you have a database which contains dozens or even hundreds of prospective clients, why not just check out what’s happened to them over the last year, or even the last month? You can only keep up if the data it contains is systematically registered.

To this end, an external source can offer some relief. The most important costs for a qualitative database are not comprised by its acquisition or maintenance. No, the most important costs are formed by the information that is missing. For a sales team, an incomplete or out-of-date database works like a blunderbuss, where 99 percent of the shot fired is off-target.

That’s why an external source can be so worthwhile. A complete database can provide you with more information than an entire telephone directory. It is a Telephone Directory 2.0, and more! Companies that recognize the value of complete and up-to-date information have a head-start on the competition.

Competitive advantage through market research

Now and again, businesses have to take strategic decisions which can have far-reaching consequences. When such decisions are made, a knowledge of the market can be extremely valuable. A market analysis based on a detailed database can help towards this. At Computer Profile, for instance, we carried out a market analysis for a Belgian company seeking to offer cloud services. The investigation focused on identifying general perceptions about the cloud concept. What kind of feel does the market conjure up? Is it risky, just a trend or an ideal solution? And at what phase do organizations find themselves: is it at the top of their priorities or is it something for future consideration? Also, the difference between the Dutch and French-speaking markets played a role in their choice.

Effective sales

A full and detailed database not only provides market know-how; likewise for individual sales processes extensive knowledge can be of added value. For many IT organizations for example, the Computer Profile database represents an important additional source of information for their sales and marketing organization. The accurate data it contains is essential and helps establish the value of a lead. Because all information on an organization is provided in an easy-to-read manner on a single datasheet in the database, sales will get a much clearer picture of the prospective client’s environment and organization. The more accurate the information, the better sales talks can proceed and so too the chances of a successful deal.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power. This is the case when a new product is launched and a product or service is offered to a potential customer. There are many more situations in which (inside) information can help an organization get a head-start on the competition in 2015. Check outwww.computerprofile.com/references to find out how knowledge can work for you.