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Why lead inflation is bad for sales and marketing

Why lead inflation is bad for sales and marketing ‘The leads are weak? You are weak!’ In the film Glengarry Glen Ross, Alec Baldwin unleashes a rant against some salesmen and refers to the sales ABC: Always Be Closing. A salesperson is worthless and does not deserve a cup of coffee if he cannot turn […]

The GDPR and the chances for direct marketing

The GDPR and the chances for direct marketing Whereas the GDPR is perceived as the sword of Damocles by many companies, for others it is a catalyst to a different way of thinking about data privacy and data management.  (TWO LINKS TO PREVIOUS BLOGS).  Yet other companies know how to translate the new mindset to better service and new business […]

GDPR as a catalyst for change in thinking

GDPR as a catalyst for change in thinking Data privacy is high on the agenda of many companies as the GDPR is about to enter into force in the beginning of the coming year – which makes sense, in view of what they have to do to make their organization GDPR compliant. But the fact […]

Direct marketing and the rights and obligations of the GDPR

Direct marketing and the rights and obligations of the GDPR It will not have escaped your notice that the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR will enter into force on 25 May 2018, ushering in a third generation of regulatory rules on data protection or the protection of the fundamental right to privacy, as it is often also known. And as a fundamental right is at […]

Account Based Marketing cannot succeed without the right information

Inbound Marketing has been heavily deployed in numerous businesses in recent years: the creation of high quality, relevant content in order to attract potential customers. However, Inbound Marketing in isolation, is unfortunately not sufficient. Indeed, you barely have any control over the quality of such leads. This explains the rapid growth of other approaches: Account Based […]

Data Science student as an innovation accelerator

As an entrepreneur, I’ve operated in the world of data for over twenty-five years. We are renowned data marketing agents for the ICT and Automotive markets under the names of Computer Profile and Fleet Profile respectively. In short, we handled data before data ever became a  hot topic. Neither was it cool, for that matter. However, […]

Automated Qualified Lead

Laatst werd ik gebeld door een telemarketeer naar aanleiding van een event dat ik had bezocht. Mijn naam zal hebben gestaan op de inschrijflijst. Ik had tijdens het inschrijven een aantal (redelijk willekeurige) vakjes aangekruist omdat dit nou eenmaal verplicht was.

Turning data into business: have you succeeded?

We are buried with information via newspapers, radio, television, LinkedIn and the telephone, just to mention a few. This can range from informative to light-hearted and we store it in our memory, share it intensively with others, or bookmark it in one of many of our lists of favorites. After all, you never know when […]