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How customer experience can become personal

Lots of things are changing in today’s world of business. The position of companies with an established name and reputation is being challenged, and disruptive start-ups are beginning to dominate the entrepreneurial landscape. Making customer experience more personal is key to surviving and winning the battle with your competitors. Steal the customer’s heart and then […]

Telemarketing in IT, wel of niet outsourcen?

Does customer acquisition play an important role in your company, but is there limited capacity in the sales department? Then the idea to outsource telemarketing will already have surfaced. Perhaps you have spoken with such agencies or have even already worked with them, but what precisely should organisations look out for when outsourcing? The following […]

Win the customer’s heart with an up-to-date CRM system

Many organisations use a CRM system. However, the value of the information contained in such a system depends largely on its topicality and completeness. It is still common for organisations not to have this in order and for digital customer files not to be up to date. Inaccurate or incomplete data and duplicate data ensure […]