Ricoh leads the Belgian multifunctional printer market

The five leading vendors of multifunctional printers together account for over 80% of the total. Ricoh and Canon together account for 55%. This emerges from the 2,000 interviews that Computer Profile conducted in the last twelve months at Belgian company branches with 50 or more employees. Ricoh is the biggest player with a share of over 30%. Just under a quarter (23%) of the multifunctuals is a system from Canon (including Océ).  Xerox, Konica Minolta, and Kyocera complete the top five with respective shares of 12, 12 and 8%.

The vendors’ market shares are based on the number of printers per location. This means that of every 1000 multifunctional printers stored in the Computer Profile database, 316 are from Ricoh and 230 are from Canon. In addition to the total overview, a distinction can also be made between the market shares of multifunctional printers per market segment.

The graph below shows, for example, that of all locations within the public area (education, healthcare and government institutions) that have multifunctional printers, 38 percent have a Ricoh multifunctional printer.

Ricoh has a large market share primarily in the public sector. This is due mainly to high shares amongst institutions in health care (49%) and education (54%). Canon is the biggest player in the financial services sector with a share of one third. Konica Minolta appears to have gained some ground as compared to a year ago.

High speed printers

The use of high-speed printers (also called production printers) is considerably lower than the use of multifunctionals. While 96 percent of the locations polled (with 50 or more employees) have a multifunctional, this percentage is only 5.2 percent for high-speed printers. Of all locations where a high-speed printer is deployed, more than one third use Ricoh and 15 percent of the locations have at least 1 Xerox high-speed printer. The majority of high-speed printers on the other locations is supplied by Canon, Konica Minolta or HP.