HPE remains the storage solutions most used

Around 32 percent of storage solutions in Dutch business establishments with 50 or more employees are from HPE, thus making it the most common vendor by far. Dell comes in at second place in this market, with roughly one in six locations having a Dell storage solution. Netapp, EMC and QNAP complete the top 5 with 10, 10 and 8 percent respectively of the total number of storage solutions. Storage systems are in this context understood to mean Direct Attached Storage, Network Attached Storage and Storage Area Networks in use. Synology and Qnap have gained a number of profit percentage points compared with the breakdown of one year ago. In contrast, IBM appears to be conceding its share in recent years. This is according to an analysis by Computer Profile of around 2,500 interviews conducted with business establishments with 50 or more employees concerning storage system used.


If we examine separate storage applications, for HPE we see a 39.2-percent share in the total number of SAN solutions. Compared with a year ago, HP appears to have gained almost one percentage point in market share. With a 21-percent share, Dell is also number two for SAN solutions, with this share remaining the same compared with last year. Netapp completes the top 3 with a share of 12 percent, which is a slight drop compared with last year. EMC, IBM and Hitachi are the remaining parties with a significant share.


A number of names occur for Network Attached Storage that are not encountered with SAN systems. QNAP has increased to almost 21 percent of the total number of NAS systems compared with last year’s 19.5, thus constituting the vendor most cited. Synology, a Taiwanese NAS-systems manufacturer, rose by 19.6 percent to second place, while last year it came in third with 16.2 percent. This is a considerable increase, since two years ago this share was only at 11.3 percent. HPE has lost its top position of last year and is now at second place, and it has seen its user group fall by around percentage points.

Use of tape

The percentage of interviewees stating they use tape storage has clearly been declining in recent years. While it was stated that tape solutions were used with 33 percent of all systems at the start of 2014, this was 26 percent in 2016 and is currently a mere 20 percent.

HPE assumes the most important position at these locations, with 58 percent of tape solutions named involving an HPE solution. Dell and IBM still also have a substantial installed base. All other tape solutions named jointly make up the remaining 11 percent. The shares for each vendor have largely stayed the same as compared to one year ago.