Cisco leads the switch market, followed by HPE.

With a 53% share of the switch market, Cisco is the clear market leader on the Dutch business market. This has emerged from over 5,000 interviews which Computer Profile has conducted with IT managers over a network infrastructure amongst company offices with 50 or more employees. The Cisco switches share is particularly high amongst multinational companies.  HPE is the number two in this market in the Netherlands. About one third of the switches are an HPE solution. Avaya has grown by almost 2% as compared to last year and now has a share of almost 7%. All other makers, led by Dell, have a share of less than 2%.

For HPE switches, the share is about 35% in each case for the different market segments. The exceptions are the company offices which belong to a  multinational. There, HPE has a share of just under 26%.
The trend in recent years shows ongoing growth for Cisco and Juniper. In 2012, 54% of locations used at least one switch from Cisco. In 2014, that figures was 57% of locations and at the start of 2016, this applied to about 61% of company offices. Juniper was used by about 0.8% of locations in 2012. This share had risen to about 1.5% by the start of 2016. It was in this period that HPE started to feel the effects of this penetration. In 2012, 41% of company offices used HPE and, in 2014, that figure was still 38%, but now the share of HPE is less than 35%. The same also applies to Dell and Avaya, with respectively 4% in 2012 and 3% now and 3% in 2012 and 1.5% now.

Router market

Cisco is even more dominant in the router market. Over 83% of all routers in question are a Cisco system. Here, too, HPE is the number two, with a current share in the installed base of about 10%. Juniper, Dell, and Zyxel complete the top five. In this market, too, Cisco’s position is strongest amongst company offices belonging to multinationals. HPE is represented most strongly amongst public sector locations.

Over the last four years, penetration by Cisco has stayed about the same, namely around 80%. HPE has recorded slight growth from almost 8% in 2012 to 11% early in 2016.

Top 25 makers of network apparatus

If we look at the whole picture of network apparatus, the total of switches, routers, WiFi apparatus, and hardware firewalls, it emerges that Cisco apparatus is used by 81% of the company offices interviewed. HPE is used at 35% of locations. Juniper is number three with 9% and Dell is in fourth place with a presence of almost 7%. Aerohive completes the top five with a market penetration of about 4.5%. For Cisco, Juniper, and Dell their market penetration seems to have remained fairly stable over the past four years. HPE has lost some ground during this period. Aerohive, which operates solely in the field of WiFi solutions, is clearly growing. We also see comparable growth for Aruba Networks and Palo Alto Networks.