Public sector leader in SaaS use

Software from the Cloud is used by almost two thirds of institutions from the public segment. This puts it ahead by a long way in SaaS use in business in the Netherlands. The use of SaaS applications is very high, especially in education, namely 86% of locations with at least 50 employees. Primary education is not included in the interviewed target group. By far the most branch-specific software for education is acquired in SaaS form. In health care SaaS applications are now used at 50% of locations. The lowest use of SaaS is at locations of companies with 50 to 250 employees (medium sized businesses). Although this segment is also growing rapidly, SaaS is used currently at about one third of locations. These figures have emerged from 5,000 interviews which Computer Profile has conducted with Dutch company offices.

The Construction sector, with 31% use of SaaS, is still a little bit behind in acceptance of the Cloud. The transport sector and industry are also still under 40%. Segmentation scope shows that SaaS applications are used most by companies in the iDEN of the market. SaaS use is just above 50% at companies with 100-200 and 200-500 employees. Use drops below 46% for companies with fewer than 100 employees and those with more than 500 employees.

HR and Office are the most popular Cloud applications

Of the (application) software monitored by Computer Profile, HR is the variant which is acquired most frequently in SaaS form. We encountered the use of HR software at 58% of the interviewed company offices. We encountered HR software from the Cloud at 22% of all company offices. Office applications constitute the second largest SaaS group. We encounter an Office application from the Cloud at 21% of company offices.

The high use of SaaS in the public segment has emerged, amongst other things, from the use of ‘Vertical’ software from the Cloud. This includes student administration systems in education and systems for patient registration and ZIS systems in health care.

Microsoft Office 365 constitutes by a long way the biggest share of Office applications from the Cloud. We now encounter Office 365 applications at almost 1 out of 5 locations. Here, too, education is well ahead of the other sectors.

Cloud suppliers

We also see the rapid increase in the use of Office 365 if the look at the vendors of SaaS applications. With a figure of 18%, Microsoft is the most popular SaaS vendor (at company offices with at least 50 employees). This has more than doubled over the last two years. Apart from the use of Office 365, the use of Share Point Online is also a major share of the Microsoft Cloud use as well as Exchange online and CRM online. Apart from Microsoft, RAET and ADP also score highly with their HR solutions. Schoolmaster is the most popular supplier of educational applications from the Cloud.

In view of the dominance of Microsoft for office applications and the increasing use of Office 365, the leading position of Microsoft as the most popular SaaS vendor is only going to increase in the next few years.