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The importance of market insights for IT organizations

Data is up for grabs; the challenge, however, lies in creating links between all these sources.


Aiming to achieve and keep a competitive edge.


In this whitepaper we will highlight various topics to show you the possibilities and the importance of local and qualitative data.

Turning Data into Business : Better Data = More Revenue

How do you ensure that your CRM system is and stays up-to-date and how does it pay off?


Of course purchasing and maintaining a database takes quite some effort, but missing out on prospects in the market is expensive! A qualitative database prevents you from missed opportunities and enables you to turn your data into business.


For checklists and tips to get the most out of your database, download the whitepaper.

Demand Generation

Do you have a complete grip on your sales process? Do you have a long and short term view, control and the tools to make a clear ROI calculation on your Demand Generation activities? We do.

This whitepaper offers you an insight on ways to be successful with an integrated approach on Demand Generation.


Lead generation, segmentation, lead nurturing, measurement and transparency; all key success factors in the Demand Generation process. For a strategic view and valuable checklists download the whitepaper.